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Wild Flowers

The Founder

Lynn Leondis

how NOW came about

About 6 years ago I was having a conversation with God (aka prayer)

and I was complaining about having to travel to Florida, or South

Carolina or Dallas..etc. to attend a Women’s Conference. I felt Him

respond, “ Why don’t you stop complaining about it and start one!”

“What? Who me? I don’t know anything about Women’s

Conferences!” But that day the Lord planted a seed, a dream about

having women gather from across Long Island, from all denominations

and come together for a Women’s Conference.


Fast forward 3 years to the summer of ‘19.. during a time of prayer a

pastor that I had only met 3 times, and who did not really know

me said, “I sense the Lord saying that the dream

you have in your heart to start a Women’s Ministry and host

conferences is not your imagination, that was God who put that in your

heart, and He’s saying it’s time to go and gather the women!” I was

sobbing, I couldn’t believe how specific this word was and I believed it

was from the Lord, it was a confirmation and it was time!


The very next morning during my prayer time I said, “ Father since this

is Your idea, You name the ministry! What do You want to name it?”

Immediately the Holy Spirit brought the following Scripture to mind:

Jeremiah 9:20 “ Now, you women, hear the Word of the Lord open your ears to the words of His mouth.”

NOW WOMEN jumped off the page and I knew God had just given me

the name!

“NOW” - it was time to start

“WOMEN” - to be a women’s ministry

“HEAR the WORD” - this ministry would center on The Word of God.


God also showed me that N.O.W. was an acronym for:


N.O.W. - Nourished On the Word


Then The Lord spoke to my heart, “When you gather the women I will

prepare a table for you and fill it with My Word and you will feed on My Word and your spirits will be

Nourished On My Word.”


NOW hosted our 1st conference on March 12, 2020 the day before

everything shut down due to Covid.  With God's leading, we continued

to host a conference every 6 months throughout the pandemic and

no one ever contracted COVID, thanks be to God!

Come all who are hungry, come to the table and eat!


Founder Bio:

- Lynn is a wife and mother.  She and Steve, her husband of thirty seven years, have three wonderful children, Cristie, Devon and Alex.

- Lynn Leondis is a graduate of NYU; Class of '83 and Fordham Law; Class of '86.


Lynn has extensive ministry leadership experience including:

  • Women's Ministry

  • Healing Ministry

  • Bible Teaching Ministry

  • Prayer Ministry

Pink Blossom



Terry Meeuwsen

Co-Host, The 700 Club

Founder, Orphan's Promise

It Didn't take long after meeting Lynn Leondis to know that she was the "real Deal" Spiritually.  She is a woman of faitH, and the word flows out of her in conversation and in prayer.  She has contended for the spirit of God to touch the concerns of her heart and has been a prayer warrior for many.  Her love of God's Word is exceeded only by her love of Jesus.  N.O.W. - Nourished on the word, is how Lynn lives her life.  She is a Blessing wherever she goes.
Blue Skies

Reverend Frank O'Neill (Retired)

Brooklyn Tabernacle: Administrative Pastor/Preaching Team Pastor

Shelter Rock Church: Executive Pastor

I have had the privilege of knowing Lynn Leondis for over fifteen years.  At Shelter Rock Church, she served as co-founder of the healing ministry, as well as a leader in the women's bible study ministry and prayer Ministry.  When I think of describing this unique woman, the word "passionate," is certainly appropriate.  She has shown a strong desire to personally feed on as well as teach the word of god.  She also has a passion for active faith in God's power for today. 
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