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"I am so blessed to be a member of now women bible study and conferences! It renewed my faith and love for Jesus! The level of love and spirituality of this ministry is amazing! You feel the Presence of God! Great Sisterhood prayer Group, Helped me go through tough times.  Thank you."

Maria C.,

Notre Dame Catholic Church

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" 2020 was a difficult year for all of us.  I felt a spirit of fear around everyone, especially me.  Although I prayed everyday, I was extremely afraid for my family, friends, and co-workers.  I was praying in fear, not in faith.  I had never voiced my fears to anyone.  One morning, The Lord sent a message to me via a now word, from now Women's ministry.  A Now word is a scripture filled letter of encouragement, That particular NOW Word was based ON 2 Timothy 1:7, "God has not given us a spirit of fear..."  The Bi-Monthly NOW Word, helped me overcome my fear.


Christian Culture Church

"Being involved in the now ministry has sparked a complete renewal of my spirituality and I have grown immensely in my faith and understanding of God.  I have been a weekly catholic mass goer and this ministry has opened up so many insights into the truth of our loving father, the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit and the kind disposition of Jesus.  What a gift the now ministry has been to me and I am truly blessed to be a part of it!"


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"I want to thank Now women for sharing their love of the Bible.  Attending the now bible studies and conferences has been such a blessing especially during these uncertain times.  They have not only expanded my understanding of who god really is, but I have come to know Jesus on a more personal level as a loving Heavenly Father.  It has made such a difference in quieting my anxious mind.  it has also been fascinating to learn about scripture stories that were written thousands of years ago and to see how they still apply to life today.  it has brought so much peace, encouragement and joy. 
Thank you, thank you

Shelter Rock Church


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"I was invited to a now Women's ministry conference a year and a half ago.  I was a bit skeptical at first, As I Didn't know what to expect, and was unsure of how I would fit into the group (not ever having been very religious myself).  But, I found myself pleasantly surprised.  Joining a group of women learning about the Bible and the value of a relationship with god turned out to be a very rewarding experience.  I had never really valued prayer or talking to god before.  But through the bible study and Now Ministry's teachings, I have developed a much more impactful relationship with god than I've ever had before.  I am a worrier by nature, and having now put my faith in god, I have grown more assured, knowing that he is watching out for me and my family.  Following each bible study, I feel strengthened, equipped, empowered, comforted and guided by his word.  Needless to say I am a regular at bible study and no longer a skeptic.

Pamela P.,

St. Hyacinth Church

"Spending time in daily prayer has opened my eyes and heart to Jesus and his abundant love.  As a catholic, joining the Now Women's Ministry has added a new dimension to my faith.  reading the Bible and relying on prayer has brought me peace I never thought possible.  I am so grateful and blessed to be part of such a loving group of women."


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